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Falling Squirrel is an independent video game studio and a creative service provider. As a studio, we create compelling story-driven game experiences with the specific goal of pioneering advances in narrative design and audio based game mechanics for the visually impaired.

Check out our studio's critically acclaimed project, The Vale:

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Falling Squirrel specializes in creative direction and narrative design service for a wide range of interactive projects.  We are proud members of Niagara’s growing indie game dev scene with strong ties to the thriving Toronto dev community. Niagara is home to an interconnected group of experienced devs with an ongoing history of contributing to each other's projects.

Here are some of the projects we’ve contributed to:

Creative Bytes Logo

PROJECT: Return to Grace

SERVICE: Design Director, Lead Writer, Sound Design

Tale Worlds logo

PROJECT: Mount and Blade II

SERVICE: Combat Dialogue

Phantom Compass Logo

PROJECT: Rollers of the Realm

SERVICE: Game Direction, Narrative, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Lead Design

Creative Bytes Logo

PROJECT: Embers of Mirrim

SERVICE: Cinematography, Narrative Consultation

Hero Versus Logo

PROJECT: Hero Versus

SERVICE: Narrative Consultation and Writer

Pixilnauts Logo

PROJECT: Lost Orbit

SERVICE: Voice Over Performance

Speax Logo

PROJECT: First Day in Paris

SERVICE: Narrative and Design Consultation

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Our passion for making video games extends to all forms of interactive media, as our core team members have a variety of backgrounds and expertise:   


  • AAA and indie game development on Console, PC and Mobile platforms.

  • Extensive Film and TV industry experience as Writer/Director/Actor.

  • Experience in Cinematography, Motion Capture and Voice over Direction.

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