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The Vale Release Update

We’ve been hard at work finishing The Vale, and it’s been a while since our last update.

At this time, The Vale is approaching the Gold Master milestone — which is the point where the game is submitted to platforms for certification and bug testing before being made available for purchase. However, we’re currently unable to complete work on voice over for the game's final chapter. As the health and safety of everyone involved is our top priority, we made the difficult decision to pause recording until Toronto is out of lockdown. Without a clear idea of when this might happen, it is challenging for us to predict a firm launch date for The Vale. As soon as lockdown is lifted, however, and voice over recording can resume, we will be able to announce our new release date.

More than anything, we truly appreciate the support and patience shown to us during this uncertain time. In return, we pledge to deliver The Vale to its followers as quickly as is safely possible, while meeting the high standards we have set for the game since its inception.

We’ll be checking in every week or two on social media, and will keep you posted on any changes. In the meantime, have some plans to start developer streams and hope you will join us for a deeper look at The Vale.

Again, thank you for your continued support for The Vale - we can’t wait to release it to you.

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